Monday, December 22, 2014

The 3 Deadly Turn offs For Women
The 3 Deadly Turn offs For Women
There are 3 turnoffs for women you could do that will definitely and thoroughly OBLITERATE your opportunities with any and ALL girls.

Even if you look like Channing Tatum, have a body like Thor, and croon like Bieber, doing any one of these 3 lethal sins will promptly and completely make you one of the untouchables. Even if you are captivating, amusing, and mange to open up the woman and have a pleasurable chat, presenting even a trace of any one of these lethal sins will definitely make all your efforts useless.

Girls like to chat. Moreover, they love to discuss guys. And when they discuss guys, the chat unavoidably develops into a full blast men-bashing session. Girls have a lengthy checklist of qualities, features, and traits that they DETEST in guys. It's a wonder that the human race is able to propagate if you listen closely in on some of these sessions.

There are a lot of little things that guys do that annoy the heck out of girls. These are little peculiarities that they live with and put up with. There are 3 major themes that are deadly sins, however. These 3 things are classified as lethal sins since they're total deal breakers and will definitely DESTROY your chances with girls, specifically gorgeous girls.

1) Surrendering your status/pride for her attention and approval.

Have you ever in your life fell in love with a woman so hard that you would be ready to do anything to get with her? Including acting like somebody you're not, or even worse, swallowing your dignity because she would like you to? You believed this will help increase your opportunities with the woman or get the woman to like you a little more. You figured the woman would recognize and appreciate your efforts on her behalf, even to the point of debasing your value.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE HONEST TRUTH! Girls, specifically pretty girls, that have a lot of chumps like you at her beck and call, will certainly not appreciate your efforts to debase yourself to please her. She'll simply take you for granted and expect you to continuously please her. However, her attraction level to you will never ever reach critical mass.

Girls positively hate it, either knowingly or unconsciously, when a guy does something to demonstrate that he'll give away his power and ego for her approval. This action basically decreases a guy's value, and as we know, precisely what attracts a girl to a guy is his regarded value. If you decrease your value for anything, even for her, you will actually decrease her attraction level to you.

2) Acting desperate, clingy, and insecure.

It's Biology: when an organism clings to a different organism because it needs something, it is called parasitism. The clinger is called a parasite and the clingee is called the host. Naturally, this is not a mutually advantageous partnership and the host denies the parasite.

The very same thing takes place in the male-female interaction. If a guy clings to a girl emotionally and acts desperate, the girl will naturally deny that parasite. Have you ever before had a girl cling to you? It is very much like stalking and it is frightening. This is lack of self-confidence at its worst, and we also know that girls are drawn to guys with SELF-CONFIDENCE.

If you eventually secure a date with that hottie you are hopelessly in love with, will you let her from your sight for 2 mins? Will you let her stray off and speak to her guy friends? Won't you be unsure and apprehensive and desperately seek her approval?

Congrats, you just thoroughly turned her off and you will NEVER, EVER get a 2nd opportunity.

3) Attempting to get her to lead

"What do you want to do?".

"Where do you want to eat?".

"Where do you want to go?".

Girls typically will not attempt to lead, so if you attempt to follow a person that does not lead, the interaction is doomed to fail. Worse, this following mindset comes from a general absence of self-confidence and insecurity. If a guy cannot lead, just how can he support his wife and kids?

Girls will right away smell your insecurity and refuse you if you can not take the interaction by the reins and regulate the situation as a guy. Besides, the majority of girls would like to be spoiled and led by a guy in control, a man of high value and self-confidence.

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