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Hawaii College Prep Boarding

Hawaii College Prep Boarding
College Prep Boarding

There are hardly any settings on the planet as heavenly as Maui, the second most populous island of the Hawaiian island chain. With the outstanding environment of volvanic mountainsmountains and sea, abundant rainforests, abundant beaches, and coral reefs, Maui Preparatory Academy can provide its students with an astonishing abundant and gratifying location for college preparation and lifelong memories.

At Maui Prep, students are able to:
ï Look at the umiverse from atop the 10,000 ft inactive volcano Haleakala
ï Investigate the ecosystems of coral reefs in Honolua Bay
ï Examine the influence of tourism on native cultures
ï Observe the group structure and interactions of humpback whales
ï Deduce and convey a cultureís ideals by means of literature, and art and performance
ï Find new methods of utilizing energy from the sun, wind, and water in order to lessen dependence on fossil fuels

The Maui Prep college preparatory education empowers students to leverage Mauiís native and ecological resources to pursue their intellectual interests.

As a result of our devotion to proven methods in qualifying pupils to prepare for the issues of the 21st century, Maui Prep was established as a successful School of the Future in Hawaii, generating substantial educational grants from the Hawaii Community Foundation five years running tallying over $250,000.

Maui Prepís intimate class sizes facilitate considerable individualized focus for each student in a caring and supportive atmosphere. Maui Prepís instructors are highly experienced in their specialities (more than three quarters with at least Masters degrees), while being innovative and employing inventive approaches to engage pupils in their learning and inspire them to shine. They are passionate about teaching and search for possibilities to increase their own expertise and know-how. They set high standards, schooling the vital competencies to do well academically, but are additionally receptive to diverse education variations natural in their students. Most significantly, they have that particular skill for connecting with young adults.

Maui prep gives a complete body of College Board Advanced Placement (AP) classes in the subject areas of mathematics and the sciences, english and history. Maui Prep students have been acknowledged for their achievements in a number of Maui and state competitions in the arts, mathematics, science and technology.

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