Sunday, June 21, 2015

Will I Look back on my Mole Removing in later years and be Pleased?
Will I Look back on my Mole Removing in later years and be Pleased?
A few months ago I decided to opt for mole removal rather than spending my entire life living with this blemish on my cheek. So why hasn’t it happened yet and why am I still a jibbering wreck, tying myself in knots and putting off the day when I do it? Do you find yourself in a similar situation about something that you know you want to do but you don’t find yourself capable of actually going and doing?

My sister tells me I’ve always been a scaredy-cat. My concern is not that I will have to go through pain in order to have a mole removed because I am assured by my aesthetic medical specialist that I will feel very little during the cryogenic surgery. This will be performed using liquid nitrogen and the entire procedure will be over and done with within a few seconds. So it is not the operation that I am afraid of.

Like many situations in life where we cannot see the future until it happens, I find myself imagining all the possibilities that could occur, however unlikely! I don’t really believe that the surgeon will accidentally twist the wheel of the liquid nitrogen cylinder far too much and my entire body will be sprayed into one huge icicle. I don’t even consider it possible that I will end up with my mole becoming a big hole in the side of my cheek and whenever I drink tea it will spill out of it onto my dress! Yet, when I search on the internet I can always find someone who regrets having her mole removed.

This is really what I find myself personally worrying about, and not just about having mole removal. I find it difficult to make decisions, when I might end up regretting having made that decision. The trouble is, there are so many decisions that we make every day that could fall into this category. If I go for this job interview will I get myself in a worse situation than I am in now? If I choose to go out with this man will he turn out to suffer from violent rages?

Let’s face it, our lives are filled with risk, aren’t they? Some of us are just more willing to allow a greater level of risk into their lives than others. As I have grown older I have noticed that I have become more careful about making my choices, perhaps because I have become more experienced in the number of ways that things don’t turn out the way I expect them to. Does this mean I have become more easily scared or does it mean that I have become wiser? Is having a mole removed a wise thing to do or should I just accept the way I am? In the end it is all about choice, isn’t it? I can choose to be free of this encumbrance or I can see it as a symbol of my human imperfection and leave it be. One day I will make up my mind what choice I really want to make.

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